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2 donkeys

Once upon a time,  there are 2 donkeys,  trying to find food, and there were condition where their neck being bound with rope. But still they remain to countinue to get the food, although in state of pulling each other.
  That time,  they were confuse,  so they sat down and think of how to get the food.  Suddenly, they got idea and they went to get food in the same direction together.
  Finally they enjoy the food.
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My bedroom

I have a bedroom,  it's very convenience.  The bedroom is near living room, it has 3 dresser's and a deathbed.
  In the deathbed.  I have two pillow,  it's the colour of red and blue. I'm very like the pillow of red then blue, because having made preparations.  Than at night,  i slept very soundly.
  Tha left deathbed. There is 3 dresser's, it has black colour, pink, and brown. In contrast,  the dresser very bautifull is colour brown then two dresser's other.
  That is my bedroom.